Biochemistry Project Topics

1. The Relationship Between Anaemia, Malaria And Antioxidant Status In Patient Visiting Enugu State University Teaching Hospital “esuth”

2. The Effect Of Buccholzia Coriacea On Renal Function Indices And Oxidative Stress In Sucrose Fed Pregnant Rats And Their Offsprings

3. Oxidative And Biochemical Parameter Assessment For Alloxan Induced Diabetic Rats Treated With Methanol Leaf Extracts Of Ocimum Gratissimum.

4. Investigation Of The Pancreatic Effect Of Buccholzia Coricacea Formulated Diet In Sucrose Fed Pregnant Rats And Their Offspring

5. Hypolipidemic And Antioxidant Capacity Of Methanol Leaf Extract Of Kigelia Africana In Alloxan-induced Diabetic Rats

6. Effects Of Aqueous Extract Of Bitter Kola (garcinia Kola) On The Pregnancy Outcome And Early Postnatal Development Of The Offsprings Of Diabetic Pregnant Rats

7. Effect Of Momordica Charantia Leaf Fractions On Serum Electrolytes And Renal Function Indices In Alloxan-induced Diabetic Albino Rats

8. The Effect Of Temperature On Glutathione Peroxidase From Fish

9. The Oxidative Stress Status Of Rats Fed On Oil Bean Seed

10. The Effect Of Water Extract Of Cola Nitida Pod

11. The Effect Of Pterocarpus Mildbreadii Seed On Plasma

12. Preliminary Investigation On Effects Of Burantashi Extract On Liver Enzymes Of Albino Male And Female Whistar Rats

13. The effect of n-hexane extract of kola nitida bark on liver function test of

14. Preliminary Investigation On Effects Of Burantashi Extract On Lipoproteins Of Albino Male And Female Rats

15. Phytochemical and anti-inflammatory properties of methanol extract of crateva adansonii stem bark.

16. Phytochemical analysis and the anti-inflammatory activities of dichloromethane fraction of methhanol extract of crateva adansonii

17. Effects of processing methods on the physico-chemical properties of sweet potato and sorghum

18. Elemental analysis on pterocarpus mildbreadii (oha)seed

19. Phytochemical Analysis And The Anti-inflammatory Activities Of Methanol

20. Determination of active sweet components of common artificial sweeteners that are used as replacement for sugar

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