Hospitality Management And Technology Project Topics

1. Courses Of Food Poison Among Catering Establishment

2. Assesing Hotels Social Responsibilities To Its Host Communities

3. The Impact Of Quality Control Methods On Employee Performance Within The Hospitality Industry

4. Self-service Technology In Hotel Reception

5. The Role Of Human Resource Management In Hospitality Industry Performance In Nigeria

6. The Role Of Modern Technology In The Management Of Hospitality Outfit (a Case Study Of Whiteleaf Hotels Enugu And Zodiac Hotels Enugu)

7. The Role Of Media And Communication In Tourism Development

8. Linkage Between Employee Satisfaction And Loyalty To The Hotel Industry (a Case Study Of Toscana Hotels Enugu.)

9. The Impact Of Self-service As A Method Of Entertainmening Guests Inthe Hotel Industry

10. The Impact Of Online Fraud Commited In The Cause Of Reservation In The Hospitality Industry (a Case Study Of Mirage Hotel Enugu)

11. The Effect Of Strategic Communication And Public Relations In Management Of Hotels (a Case Study Of Whiteleaf Hotel Enugu)

12. Promotional Problems In The Hospitality Industry (a Case Study Of Hall Mark Resort New Haven Enugu).

13. Preparation Of Poulet Dg

14. Poblems Encountered By Managers In Setting Up A Small Scale Hospitality Business

15. Identification Of Problems Hindering Hospitality Development In Enugu State (a Case Study Of Modotels Ltd Engugu)

16. Evaluation Of The Impact Of Deforestation On The Environment

17. Evaluation Of Constraints Of Co-operative Development In The Rural Areas Of Enugu State

18. An Assessment Of The Impact Of Motivation On Employees Productivity In Hospitality Industry (a Case Study Of Landmark Hotels Enugu)

19. An Assessment Of Guests Satisfaction Of Service Quality In The Hotel Industry (a Case Study Of Roban Hotel Enugu)

20. Impact Of Advertising On The Services Of Fast Food Industry (a Case Study Of Mr. Biggs Enugu)