Political Science Project Topics

1. Impact Of Card Reader On Nigerias Genera Elections 2015 Presidential Elections

2. Political Parties And Democratic Consolidation In Nigeria (a Case Study Of The Peoples Democratic Party)

3. Constitutionalism And The Challenges Of Democratic Governance In Nigeria

4. The Role Of Local Government In Rural Development (a Case Study Of Warri North Local Government Area Of Delta State)

5. The Impact Of Inter-governmental Relations On Local Government Administration In Nigeria ( A Case Study Of Abuja Municipal Area Council, Abuja)

6. The Role Of Local Government Administration In Economic Development In Nigeria. (a Case Study Of Udi Local Government Area In Enugu State)

7. Intergovernmental Relationship In Nigeria. An Appraisal

8. Gender And Politics In Enugu State (a Case Study Of Women In Participation 1999- 2016)

9. Internal Party Democracy And Political Stability In Nigeria( A Case Study Of Pdp Imo State Between 2007 And 2016)

10. Party Politics And National Integration (a Case Study Of Peoples Democratic Party Pdp In Nigeria 1999 To 2015)

11. Political Participation And National Development: A Case Study Of Enugu State 1999 To 2015

12. Political Participation And Democratic Consolidation In Nigeria; A Case Study Of Enugu State 2007 To 2017

13. Judiciary And Anti Corruption In Nigeria 2015-2017

14. Foreign Direct Investment And The Development Of Small And Medium Enterprises In Enugu State (2007-2017)

15. Political Participation And National Development (a Case Study Of Enugu State 1999 To 2015)

16. Appraisal Of The Use Of Instructional Materials In Teaching Of Civic Education In Secondary Schools In Udi Local Government Area Of Enugu State

17. The State And Management Of Economic Recessionin Nigeria 2014-2017

18. Gender Equality And Political Participation, An Assessment Of Ait Influence On Women Political Awareness And Participation In Enugu State

19. Executive-legislative Relations And Democratic Consolidation In Nigerias Fourth Republic 2007 To 2017

20. Corruption And Sustainable Economic Development In Nigeira 2007 To 2017

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