Sociology Project Topics

1. Women Empowermentand Community Development (a Case Study Of Bwari Local Government Area, F.c.t, Nigeria)

2. Street Hawking And Its Impact On The Beautification Of The Capital City-accra

3. The Role Of Women In Community Development In Izzilocal Government Of Ebonyt State

4. The Effectiveness Of Recruitment, Selection And Placement Policies Of Organizations In Nigeria ( A Case Study Of Kano)

5. Family Planning Methods In Rural Communities Of Enugu State A Study Of Aji In Igbo-eze North L.g.a

6. Ethnic Affiliation And Resource Challenges In Nigeria A Study Of Igbo Etiti Local Government Area Of Enugu State

7. The Problems Of Youth Unemployment And Rural Crime In Ngor Okpala Local Government Area Of Imo State (2)

8. The Influence Of Reward Administration On Total Quality Management Implementation A Study Of Caritas University Amorji-nike

9. The Influence Of Environment On The Accademic Performance Of Students

10. The Effect Of Drug Abuse Among Nigeria University Undegraduates

11. The Determinance Of Induced Abortion Among Undergraduate Students

12. The Contributions Of Women Organisationsin Community Development In Nigeria

13. Socio Economic And Cultural Factors Militating Against Community Development In Ideato Local Government Area Of Imo State.

14. Knowledge And Attitude Of Undergraduate Students Towards Homosexuality

15. Effectiveness Of Inventory Management In A Manufacturing Company

16. Culture And Women Subjection

17. Childlessness And Socio Cultural Impact On Married Couples

18. Causes And Effects Of Commercial Sex Work Among Akwa Ibom Girls

19. The Nature And Consequences Of Juvenile Delinquency In Nigeria A Study Of

20. Women Empowerment And Community Development